Whites DFX 300 Settings For More Treasure.

Whites shows the best settings for you Whites DFX 300 and why these are the best setting to find more. In this video we explain everything about the reasons that the settings that we are sharing are the best for your hunts. Whites DFX 300 with these settings will find you more and without a doubt pay for itself.

I own a DFX 300 and along with my other detectors I have enough finds to travel the world and enjoy it all for what I consider free. Join the metal detecting community and maybe you can join a metal detecting forum. Make a couple of post on the forums. And enter into the conversation. When I am thinking of buying a new coil or something to do with metal detecting. That is where I go to get a few answers.

A few years ago I purchased a new Minelab Excalibur for water hunting at the beach and could not get the setting right. So I went to one of the forums and asked for some input and tried out a few suggestions and wala now I pretty much use my Excalibur for all of my beach and water hunting.

Now days it is allot easier than when I first started detecting there is Youtube and the internet to pretty much teach anything that you can think of weather it be about the Whites DFX 300Building Your Whites DFX 300. Read more ... » or any brand or model.

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